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Mozel Watson is The Wine God

A little about our founder and his journey


Mozel Watson 


A Wine God, Sommelier, and Business Owner. I was born and raised in Harlem, NYC. Years ago, I would have never imagined loving the wine industry as I do now. I started in the wine industry very humbly, moving boxes of wine from the cellar to the shelves, and my curiosity and interest were piqued. What started as wanting to help customers and answer questions, quickly became an obsession. I spent 4 years learning about wine, and working under wine connoisseurs Ben Wood and Oscar Garcia. I went on to be a wine buyer and co-own a wine shop in Harlem. 

I've made it my mission to learn and educate my community on wine. I've accumulated two wine educational awards. The Wine and Spirits Educational Trust (WSET) Level 2 award in wine and spirits along with the W.S.E.T Level 3 award in wine. I've spent time in the vineyards of Portugal, California, and New York. I can't wait to teach you about wine and inspire you.